Thursday, January 17, 2008

Booking Through Thursday : Let's Review

This week’s question is suggested by Puss Reboots:

How much do reviews (good and bad) affect your choice of reading? If you see a bad review of a book you wanted to read, do you still read it? If you see a good review of a book you’re sure you won’t like, do you change your mind and give the book a try?

Well I'll say yes and no for this question. In fact i'm not totally influenced by the reviews I read (mostly on blogs). If I find a bad review of a book I wanted to read, I think I'll read it anyway, because it doesn't mean I won't like it. If I have a good feeling about the book, I'll go for it whatever others think. And in the same lines, if I see a good review about a book I know I won't like, I won't read it. Period. If I am not inspired from the beginning it would be useless to even try, because I won't be in a good state of mind, and I'll end up abandoning it. But I think if I find several praises of the book in question, then I could give it a chance. But on the other hand, when it comes to book and author I absolutely don't know not even the names, and I find a really good review abouot it, then I'll note it and maybe read it one day, when I'll think of it and have time;o) That's what happened with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I saw one review and thought 'well sounds very nice' but then I thought of something else. And as time passed on I found more and more reviews about it, and there I said, I really need to read it, to see why they all make such a big fuss. And I really wasn't disappointed, I simply loved it...

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Jaimie said...

This is pretty much what I think too.
Happy BTT!