Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meg Rosoff


Meg Rosoff was born in 1956 in Boston. She studied in Harvard University, after being refused to Princeton University. After three years, she decides to enter St Martin's College Art in London. There she was unseccessful and returns to Harvard and graduates. After that she went to New York where she stayed for 10 years, working in publishing and advertising. After these 10 years, she decides to give a second chance to London, and she still lives there. After spending 15 years in advertising business, she begins writing after her sister's death. A first Young Adults novel was published in 2004, How I live Now, and received several prizes.

You can find more abour Meg Rosoff on her website.


Young Adults novels
How I Live Now : 2004
Just In Case : 2006
What I Was : 2007

Children's books
Meet Wild Boars : 2005
Jumpy Jack and Googily : 2008

Non Fiction
London Guide : Your passport to great travel

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