Saturday, August 8, 2009

The summoning - Kelley Armstrong

Genre : Fantasy, Young adults

Series : The Darkest Power

American publisher : Harper Collins : 8.99$US; 10.55$CAN

English publisher : Orbit : 6.99£

All Chloe Saunders wants is a life like any normal teenager - the chance to get through school, make friens, and maybe meet a boy. But when she starts seeing ghosts, she knows that life will never be normal again.

Soon the ghosts are everywhere, demanding her attention. When Chloe finally breaks down, she's admitted to a group home for disturbed kids. At first, Lyle House seems okay, but as she gets to know the other patients - charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek; obnoxious Tori; and Rae, who has a 'thing' for fire - Chloe begns to realise that something strange and sinister binds them all together, and it isn't your usual 'problem kid' behaviour.

And they're about to discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home, either...

A passage

The man let out a snarl that echoed down the hall. A student rounded the corner, and we almost collided. I stammered an apology and glanced over my shoulder. The janitor was gone.
I exhaled and closed my eyes. When I opened them, the blue uniform shirt was inches from my face. I looked up...and let out a shriek.
He looked like a mannequin that had gotten too close to a fire. Face burned. Melted. One eye bulged, exposed. The other eye had slid down near his cheekbone, the whole cheek sagging, lips drooping, skin shiny and misshapen and-

What I think

Another book I read without knowing it was the first of a trilogy, again. A lot of suspense though. Endearing characters too, and very convincing, even mysterious. Welcome in a world of preternatural with superpowers people. False baddies and false good guys. Absolutely terrifying.

However, a terrible end, especially when you have to wait for indeterminable time to have the sequel. I often complain that novels always have a happy ending, but I like when it ends badly too, it's a surprising change. But here, I was all keyed up and outraged, and shocked and a lot of other things. It was as if I was Chloe discovering this awful betrayal.
Lyle House is in fact a center where they keep teens with special powers, but not to help them, but to carry out experiments on them. Worst of all, the instigator of all this is Chloe's Auntie, whom she trusts blindly. And in the end, the fatal blow is when she gives Chloe to the center.

The only thing I would reproach to Kelley Armstrong is her lack of originality here, because it could almost be Stolen in a teen version. A center with superpowered people, and a...werewolf. Those who know Stolen will understand what I mean, but I absolutely recommend The Summoning, you can't put it down so easily...

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