Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Midnighters : Touching Darkness - Scott Westerfeld

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Genre :
Young Adults - Fantasy

American publisher :
Eos : 8,99$

English publisher :
ATOM : 6,99£

Synopsis :
Jessica discovered why she was so different from the other Midnighters. Her power is to bring fire in the blue time, and fire is what scares most the Darklings and the slithers, those creatures that live only in the secret hour.
Since she discovered this power, Darklings haven't approached her, but something's coming. When Rex, Melissa, Dess, Jonathan and Jessica try to discover the true nature of Midnight, they find the true face of Bixby and its old Midnighters. Dess is trying to figure out the physical shape of Midnight, and she meets Madeleine, from the last generation. As for Melissa and Rex, they discover normal people, Daylighters, who communicate with the Darklings. And the Darklings are unable to communicate, but they use a Midnighter they kidnapped 50 years ago. A seer, just like Rex, and she's dying, they need another one...

An extract :
"Don't look, Rex. You don't want to-'
But he'd already seen it. The thing came down on undulating wings, two leathery sails that billowed from long, multijointed arms. Its hands, long-taloned and grasping the air with compulsive little twitches, must have been thirty feet apart. Its spiked tail whipped through the wind with every beat of the wings, as if to counterbalance the beast's grotesque cargo. Its body was thin, the darkling part of it anyway, ribs showing through its leathery flesh. The thing's spindly hind legs stumbled, trembling feebly sa it landed on the rooftop across the street, ans its wings took one steadying stroke as it gained its footing. Melissa, still facing away from the window, made a choking noise. It had no head. Not a darkling head, anyway. A human torso seemed to be submerged into the creature's flesh, and a half-visible human face starde glassily from its emaciated chest. Two secondary arms thrust from the sunken torso, ending in the hands and fingers of a person - a child, Rex now saw - which were clenched as if in pain."

What I think : I've waited this second volume with great impatience. And I wasn't disappointed at all. A story that becomes bigger and bigger. Surprising discoveries about the Darklings' world as well as the true history of the old generations of Midnighters. The characters are all on edge, and have more secrets. In fact, we can feel a growing tension as every one of them make their own discoveries and keep them secret from the others. What I like with Scott Westerfeld is that he doesn't particularly look for a happy end, I'm not saying that it ends badly, just in-between. He succeeds in compromising with readers who want a happy end, and readers who want an unhappy end;o)
Anyway, here is a series that we can't let go...

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