Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scott Westerfeld


Scott Westerfeld was born in 1963 in Texas. According to The New-York Times he is one of the best-selling authors of science-fiction and young adults literature. He's already won several prizes for his novels, and Uglies and Peeps were named by the American Library Association as Best Books for Young Adults in 2006. Two of his novels, So Yesterday and Uglies have been optioned to be made into films. Currently Scott Westerfeld shares his time between Sydney and New-York with his wife, Justine Larbalestier who is also an author for young adults.
You can find more about Scott Westerfeld and his books on his website and his blog.


Polymorph (1997); Fine Prey (1998), Evolution's Darling (2000); So Yesterday (2004); Leviathan (2008)
Vampires :
Peeps / Parasite Positives (2005); The Last Days (2006)

Successions :
The Risen Empire (2003); The Killings of Worlds (2003)

Midnighters : The Secret Hour (2004); Touching Darkness (2005); Blue Noon (2006)
Uglies : Uglies (2004); Pretties (2005); Specials (2006); Extras (2007)


Nicole B. said...

Great author. ^^

Virginie said...

Yes indeed! I think I am on my way to read all of his books;o)