Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good things always have an end!

I was absent for a few days, but I assure you I had a very good reason : I was in HOLIDAYS. I had been waiting for this week since last june, and I can tell you it is so good not to work for a whole week.
Thus I spent some time with Aurélia, a friend of mine who came to Normandy from Fréjus for a few days, but unfortunately, we couldn't spend a lot of time together because I left for Strasbourg.

I stayed at my best friend's, Cels, place the whole week. The program : rest, shopping, a visit in Germany (Kehl), litlle finds and a... concert, but I'll talk about it later.

So all that just to say that I'm back from Strasbourg, a little tires, because holidays aren't really made to get some rest;o)

Oh and I brought you a picture from Strasbourg, that I really like, and each time I go there I forget to take it, but not this time. If one day you are in Strasbourg and you need a private detective for a reason or another :

Well I was a bit disappointed as well, because it snowed a little, but not enough to whiten the floor. I would have loved so much to be blocked by snow and not to come back to Rouen to start working again on Monday...

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