Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tokio Hotel in Strasbourg!

In my last post, I talked about a show I saw during my holidays in Strasbourg, it was Tokio Hotel!!! We had been waiting for this for a long time.
First, I discovered Tokio Hotel by a fortunate coincidence, when their first album came out in France. You see, I really love the german language ( I studied i
t at school = 10 years) and German Rock, so when I saw in the Pop Rock category something written in german, it caught my eyes. And all this was well before the Tokio Hotel Mania reach France. What I do when I buy a new CD : I put it in my cd-player et I look for the names of the members and the thanks in the leaflet. And there, I said, Gee, they don't even quote the name of the female singer! It's normal, the singer is a boy;o) Bill's voice hadn't broken yet.
I really liked their music, and I remember saying that I hoped they'll succeed in France, but that I didn't really believe it because they sing in German. We
ll we can say I underestimated French people. We're not so resistant to the german language after all.
Well, so I made my friend Cels listen to this CD, and she became addicted just like me. We fantasized about Bill and Tom like we were teens, but I think I shouldn't have said it;o) Sorry Cels;o)

Then last october, we had our tickets to see them in Bercy (Paris), but we had to cancel and sold our tickets. But finally, we saw they were coming to Strasbourg, we went for it!

Thursday 06 March 2008 - Zénith of Strasbourg

We were kind of dreading the public, afraid that all those young girls went wild, crying 'Biiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllll Weeeeeeeeeee Loooooooooooovvvveeeeeeeee Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!'

We arrived among the last people, around 6.50 pm, and the show was due at 7.00. But finally, we had seats, it didn't last long to two seats. The public was a little worked up, especially the girls, but it was ok considering what we had imagined. Let's begin this review by the public : The public was very heterogeneous : teen girls wearing TH's colors, bl
ack stripes, gloves, a long lock of hair on half of their faces.
But beside that, what I really appreciated was all the parents who came with their children, and boys too, and when you see themm you can't imagine they're Tokio Hotel F
ans. I found that really great!
Behind us, there were two 10-year-old girls, they were totally into it, and on the other side there was a little boy who came with his dad and sister, and he had brought his giant poster;o)
And finally not too much 'Bill!', but especially 'Tokio Hotel!'

Those 4 young germans played hard-to-get, they arrived
à 7.40, but they offered us 1and a half hour of happiness! In the beginning Bill sounds out the public before climbing down the stairs on the stage, and to come closer, he surely wanted to see the degree of hysteria, if it was too dangerous for him;o)
But once the machine launched, he can't stop moving. He's a battery-driven boy, going from one or the other members of the band.

We had little breaks in-between, because Mister Bill is a fashion victim and needs to change clothes some times;o)

About the playlist, it was made to please everyone, going from Schrei to 1 000 Meere. A real delight, with two encores, one acoustic just to calm people down. No song in english, for the delight of the French fans, who I believe don't like the english versions. There are two I really appreciate, but I didn't have them, but Cels had her two favorite songs;o)

Then, at 9.00, the show ends, they sayed goodbye and thanked us, and Gustav launched his ola, he who stayed hidden behind his drums all along the show, and we couldn't see him clearly.

It was a really great show, I only wish I had thought of taking my dad's binoculars;o)
And as Cels says, we felt like teens, and it's a great fe
eling, even if we didn't really feel the same way as the real teens who surely had dreams all night long...

I wanted to pass a message to spiteful gossips : You can say whatever you want about Tokio Hotel : marketing product, pre-formated, kids with an inordately large ego, etc. Wel
l, frankly, they're really good on stage, that's all. And isn't it there that you can really judge the talent of an artist? You like it or you don't, it's a matter of taste, but the talent is here, sometimes we need to face the facts!

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