Sunday, March 23, 2008

Final Attraction de Cinema Bizarre

I want to present this great German musical discovery. Here is a band that you will hear about very soon. There's only germany to give us a good glam-rock like this!

Cinema Bizarre - The Members

* Strify (Sebastien) : Singer (19)

* Luminor (Felix) : Second voice and keyboard (22)
* Kiro (Kristian) : Bass ( 20)
* Yu (Dirk) : Guitar (19)
* Shin (Tim) : Drums (18)

Cinema Bizarre - Bio

These young boys met each other in 2005 on a Japan Convention in Germany. All 5 are fans of Japan and are inspired by the Visual Kei. Each of them brought his own style, and together they bring a new flavour to the Rock, on at the musical level, as well as the style ('Style is War'). Their first album was out in Germany last October, and in a few days in France. They began a Fan-Tour. They participated to the Eurovision Contest in Germany, but weren't selected, because Strify had a laryngitis.

If you want to know more about them :

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french speaking :
My Space :


* Final Attraction : october 2007 in Germany, 24 march 2008 in France

1. Lovesongs (they kill me) 2. How does it feel 3. Silent scream 4. Get off 5. Forever or never 6. Escape to the stars 7. After the rain 8. She waits for me 9. I don't believe 10. The way we are 11. Dysfunctional family 12. Heavensent 13. Angel in disguise 14. The silent place

What I think : I simply love it. I really thank Cels to make me discover this band. When I listen to this album, I have butterflies which flap their wings in my tummy. Strify's voice is bewitching, and Luminor's clashes with his appearance, but brings magics to the songs. Without his voice, the songs wouldn't have the same impact at all. A mix of a quite shrill and kind of feminine voice with a very deep and hot one.
And, I admit that I've never had a very good musical ear. I have great difficulties to dissociate the sound of the different instruments when I listen to a song. I admire people who can say, just by listening to a song, 'whoah he's a great bassist!' or 'he's an awful guitarist' But here, I manage to hear the different instruments, especially the bass in fact. In any case, the whole is absolutely magical. They haven't written the texts, it was their choice, but they selected texts that had a meaning to them. The texts are very good, their influences are so different from each other that we have a skillful mix of sounds on this album. It's not 14 songs that all sound the same.

Here is a band that will make the french crazy very soon.
They are compared to Tokio Hotel in the press, but they've got nothing to do with them, they're totally different. The style is different, and they're not aiming the same public either, even though it'll be composed in majority of girls.

After the black stripes and gloves and spiky bracelets like Tokio Hotel, we'll see people with a Glam-Rock style, classy trousers and shirts, long coat, long bi-colored hair.

I have my preference (what? I'm a human being, after all). I cant' resist Kiro, the bassist (he's the smallest) and my friend Cels has her favorite too;o)

And we're going to see them in April in Freiburg (Germany). It's an eternity until then, I will talk about it after the show;o)

Now I'll let you listen to my favorite song on the album. This one really gives me butterflies in my stomach, you know I have the feeling that I've always known this song, but have forgotten it with the years, well I don't know if I'm very clear...

Place à la musique!

I was walking in the shadows
So nobody can't
Your smile led me from the distance
And without the smallest chance
All these memories
They came back
When I'm asleep
You've taken my dreams

I don't need no fakes around me
All I want is you to be with me
Here I am
All these words they have lost their meaning
I just hope you hear my silent scream

I still hear the distant voices
Spreading rumours and lies
I took you to my darkest places
So far away from the sky

I watch on you
We merose
To not let go
But where are you now?

Note : The songs Silent Scream, After the Rain and Heavensent were in my ears during my reading of 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King, so now every time I hear them, I've got the images and the feelings of the book in my mind;o)

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