Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is a pen name used by the author of The Mortal Instruments trilogy. She was born in Teheran, from amrican parents. She lived in France, England and Switzerland before she was 10. Since she left highschool, she lived in Los Angeles and New York where she had different jobs for magazines and tabloids. She began working on City of bones in 2004, inspiring herself with Manhattan decorum.

Before publishing City of bones, Cassandra Clare became famous with fan-fictions undre the pen name Cassandra Claire. She wrote
The Draco Trilogy (Harry Potter fan-fiction) and The Very Secret Diaries (Lord of the Ring fan-fiction).

You can find out more about Cassandra Clare on her official website, her blog, and her Myspace


The Mortal Instruments : City of bones (2007); City of ashes (2008); City of glass (2009)

The Infernal Devices : The clockwork angel (2010); The clockwork princess (2011); The clockwork prince (2012)

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